Dawn Cohen

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“I believe in the power of observation in art.  I have devoted my time as an artist to only making paintings on site in plein air. When painting outside I am receiving information from all the senses, not just the eyes. It allows for me to feel and experience the landscape, and to perceive the heaviness or lightness of the atmosphere.”

Dawn Cohen was born in Savannah, Georgia where she spent most of her
adolescence. Dawn began her college studies at the University of Georgia
completing a BFA in Art Education. She found herself back in Savannah shortly after college and began developing as a painter.

“When you look at my plein-air landscape, I am hoping to share my
experience of time and place. Painting in plein-air also allows me to
explore the same subject matter in different seasons, while still making a unique painting.  I feel that by observing intently, it is like a scientific
discovery of my subject.  The beauty of nature is an inexhaustible subject matter.”

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