Don Sahli- Plein Air Painting Workshop

Join Don Sahli July 5-7 in Crested Butte for an exhilarating 3-day plein air painting workshop! Don Sahli is an American painter and teacher, and the last apprentice of the famous Russian colorist, Sergei Bongart. Sahli, whose instruction is based on the 150-year traditions of the Russian School of Painting, encourages artists to toss out all their rules and formulas and learn to “see” color as never before!

Painting on location, taking the studio outside, brings its own set of challenges. In the outdoors, things change quickly; the natural world is in constant motion. Crested Butte’s spectacular mountain scenery, shaded valleys, and wildflower filled meadows offer themselves as subjects for discovery and painting! As Sahli presents the foundations of plein air painting, step-by-step, students learn how to simplify complex landscapes into “simple pieces” dealing with color, value and temperature. Working outdoors will train artists to work with haste and to be more spontaneous in their painting!

Don Sahli, as the last apprentice to Russian master painter, Sergei Bongart, has an extraordinary legacy in Russian Impressionism. In 1982, Sahli a self-taught artist, formed a faithful friendship with Bongart. During this period with his mentor, he was taught in the “old academic way” not how to paint by formula, but how to “see” the relationship of color, form and design in nature. Following the legacy of his teacher, he opened the Sahli School of Art in 1995. “My teacher taught, his teacher taught, for me, it’s a matter of keeping a tradition alive and of giving something back.” Since then, Sahli has shared his philosophy with hundreds of students, through studio and plein air workshops, throughout the world.  The workshop is hosted by Crested Butte’s Oh Be Joyful Gallery. For more information call the gallery at 970-349-5936.

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