Elizabeth Sandia


Elizabeth Sandia, one of this country’s outstanding pastel and oil painters, is known for her luminous landscapes that are the expression of ever-changing play of clear light in the Southwest where she has lived and painted for over 17 years.

Elizabeth grew up in Albany, New York and started drawing with the help of her grandmother. At the age of 12 her family moved back to New York City. She competed and won admittance to the H. S. of Art & Design, then F.IT. and began painting in oil and watercolor.

Ms. Sandia relocated to Santa Fe in ’95 and discovered pastel. She has won numerous awards and, beginning in ’97, has been written up in nearly 3 dozen art magazines here and abroad: Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Art of American West, The Artist Magazine, American Artist, International Artist, Palet & Tekenstift (Belgium), Pastel Journal, etc. And was on the cover of 4 of them – Southwest Art Apr ’01, Pastel Artist International May/June ’01, The Artist Magazine Nov ’02, and Trail & Timberline Jul/Aug/Sept ’03.

Elizabeth has had 9 one-person shows, numerous 2-person shows, and regularly is in group shows, invitationals, fund-raisers like Coors National Western Show (11 yrs). Her work was selected to hang in the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, and one painting was chosen for a limited edition wine label.

“I am strongly drawn to the patterns, shapes, and the stunning colors I see here in the West, and how shadows glow next to bright patches of sunlight. Each time I paint, my challenge is to express certain fleeting effects like the last rays of setting sun stretching across a mesa, the pink-gold glow bathing foothills, or violet shadows on an old, hand-made adobe wall.

I return to favorite locations over and over. Painting a familiar place, whether in oil or pastel, allows me to get intimate with it and discover subtle nuances. I want to arouse viewers’ emotions, feel the chill of early morning like I did, be stilled and enveloped by the sanctity of an ancient adobe chapel.”

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