William Henry Holmes Sketch: Italian Mountain


William Henry Holmes

Showing intruded, eruptive granite on Italian Mountain. Includes members of the party at work on sides and top of the mountain.

Sheet number 47.

EXPLORATION: U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (Hayden Survey)

Colorado, 1873.

Photographic reproduction of original sketches.

Courtesy of USGS Library.

In this sketch, survey members are depicted completing common tasks of the expedition. The two figures in the foreground are gathering samples while figures attempt to summit in the background. On top of the peak are the cartographers mapping their location with a sextant on a tripod. Holmes used artistic license to show a foreshortened sense of space illustrating the range of duties the survey party was tasked with. The square outline identifies the cropping that would later be used by artists when making the engraving included in the 1873 Embracing Colorado Survey report, as seen below.


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