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Since the first grade, John Lintott remembers always looking forward to art class in school more than any other subject. Art has always played an important role in his life.

While a student at Colorado State University, he decided to pursue his interest for painting as a career, “Art has always been my love, and it has become the driving force in everything I do. I’ve always viewed art as a type of therapy that balances life and gives me the opportunity to continue learning with a passion.” Graduating in 2001 with his BFA with a concentration in painting, John has painted seriously ever since.
Viewers can instantly see John’s love for the outdoors and are able to step into his landscapes. They may feel a sense of awe when viewing one of his large, alpine landscapes or feel a sense of calm when gazing upon a smaller, more pastoral scene. His works are being collected at a rapid pace and can be found in homes around Colorado, Illinois, and Louisiana. At the same time, his large pieces are desired by many corporations, including St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, which recently obtained four large landscapes.

“Painting for me is a vacation. Aside from my family it is the most important thing in my life. To view the beauty of the world around me and try to communicate my impression of the experience is the ultimate struggle.

I love approaching new challenges in the landscape. Tweaking my process to adapt new problems forces me to constantly evolve my painting and keeps me interested and passionate about it. Seeking out the beauty and solitude of the Colorado landscape is the best way for me to put everything else aside and enjoy the outdoors.”

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