William Henry Jackson Photograph: Panoramic View South from White Rock Mountain


William Henry Jackson

Teocalli Peak. Panoramic view from near White Rock Mountain, National Range.

White Rock Mountain in the Elk Mountains, Gunnison County, Colorado.

  1. U.S Geological Survey.

Photographic reproduction of original wet collodian process photograph.

Courtesy of USGS Library.


This panoramic made of two images is looking south from the ridge between West Brush Creek and Copper Creek drainages. The dark mountain in the image on the left is the north face of Teocalli Mountain. White Rock Mountain is the highest peak in the image on the right.


The wet plate collodian process required fragile glass plates which had to be coated, exposed and developed on site before the emulsion dried. To capture one image, from start to finish, could take about an hour. This process created a photographic negative on a glass plate which had to be transported back to the studios to be printed from.   This required hauling several hundred pounds of photographic equipment by man and mule.

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